Coventry North East CLP

Welcome to Coventry North East CLP Webpage

CLP meeting time:  7:30pm every 2nd Wednesday of the month

Current venue: Online meetings using Microsoft Teams.

Dear Labour Party member, If you live in the Coventry North East CLP area then you are most welcome to come and join us on our monthly meeting every second Wednesday of the month 7:30 pm start, at this stage due to Covid-19 we are meeting online. If you are not receiving your regular emails then kindly get in touch with the Secretary of the CLP.  

Secretary of the CLP is:  Mr. Rupinder Singh,  click on his name to send an email to him.

Chair of the CLP: Gavin Lloyd

Secretary of the CLP: Rupinder Singh

Treasures of the CLP: Amanda Eccles

Vice Chair: Pat Seaman and Christine Thomas

BAME Officer: Pervaze Akhatar

ICT Officer: Kamran Khan

Promoted by Rupinder Singh on behalf of the Coventry Labour Group at 90 Short Street, Coventry CV1 2LW.